KCC Processing FAQ Page

  • KCC Farms FAQ page - frequently asked questions about field dressing, wild game processing, deer processing new regulations, product price list and processing cut options.

  • CAPACITY STATUS - Due to new regulations, remodeling and construction delays we are unable to accept deer | wild game at this time.  Please check back later in the season.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Field Dressing

  • You must properly field dress your venison | wild game.  Field dressing must be done immediately.  KCC does not field dress.  When shooting deer in warm weather it is advisable to pack the chest cavity with bags of ice or if you have a large freezer I would recommend filling and freezing several one gallon milk jugs with water and using them to pack the chest cavity of your deer.

  • A properly dressed venison | wild game will have a clean chest cavity, no bladder, rectum or udder.  Any deer that has flies or fly eggs will be turned away.  Any deer that we must finish field dressing properly will be at an extra charge.

  • In the case of a gut shot deer we would recommend sprinkling a liberal amount of baking soda to the entire inside cavity, allow it to sit for 20-30 minutes and then thoroughly rinse.

  • When you drop off your venison | wild game you must provide us with your confirmation number if checked in using the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Check-in Site or you must have a hard tag from your check in station.   Due to the limited freezer space we ask that all orders be picked up within 5 days after you receive notification that your deer is ready.

  • We accept only cash or credit cards (no checks).  Full payment or a $75.00 deposit is required at time of drop off. NO EXCEPTIONS. You must pick up deer within 5 days of being notified or deer will be donated. No refunds on deposit.

  • Please review our store hours for drop off and pick up order times or call us at 410-836-8166 to make special arrangements if needed.

New Regulations | New Skinning Requirements

Please read carefully.  Due to new  Regulations  our drop off policies have changed.

  • Starting September 1, 2017

  • All deer Must be SKINNED Prior to dropping off at our facility.

  • Please remove all hair, leaves and debris from carcass.  Place your clean skinned deer in a plastic bag, place in a cooler and add ice as necessary. On large deer it may be easier to cut into 3 pieces as shown below.

  • Please do not allow your ice/water to contact your raw meat.  This affects meat quality and flavor.

  • Please do not bring the head, legs or hide as we can no longer dispose of these items.

  • Caping.  Please take any trophy deer to your taxidermist for caping prior to dropping off at our facility. 

Processing Costs and Product Price List

  • The price for processing your venison includes: refrigeration, all boneless roasts or steaks including all trim made into burger, vacuum packaging and freezing your meat.  Please see processing options (below) for various cuts included.

  • Full payment or an $80.00 deposit is required at time of drop off.  NO EXCEPTIONS. You must pick up deer within 5 days of being notified or deer will be donated. No refunds on deposit.

  • All deer will be charged a flat rate of $80.00 per deer and an additional rate of $2.50 per lb (pound) of ground

  • Fresh Sausage (5 lb minimum) 
  • Bulk $4.25 per lb  
  • Breakfast 
  • Polish/Kielbasa      
  • Sweet Italian 
  • Hot Italian  

  • Hotdogs $6.35 per lb
  • Plain 
  • Cheddar 
  • Jalapeño 
  • Kielbasa (skinless, fully cooked, lightly smoked) 

  • Sweet Bologna Rolls 4 lb stick (smoked)
  • Plain $14.00 per roll
  • Cheddar/Mild Jalapeno $16.00 per roll 

  • Snack Sticks $9.00 per lb
  • Plain 
  • Cheddar 
  • Mild Jalapeño 
  • Pepper 

  • SPECIALS Bring in last year's deer meat (roast / primals) 
  • Turn them into this year's Burger at $2.50  per lb
  • Bologna, snack sticks, hotdogs and other products at current pricing 

  • Caping for Mount.  If caping is required please contact your taxidermist.
  • Extra Charge $15.00.  Finish field dressing and/or cleaning cavity.  NOTE:  Removal of anus, lungs, bladder, feces and dirt/debris.         

Processing Cut Option Grinds

processing cut option with grinds

Cuts with Grinds

  • Deer Grinds before being made into Sausage or Ground
    Note: Every customer's deer grinds are kept separate so you can be assured you are getting your own deer meat returned to you.   

Processing Cut Option 1

processing cut otption all roasts

Normal Cut All Roasts

  • 2 Backstraps 
  • 2 Top Rounds 
  • 2 Tenderloins 
  • 2 Tip Roasts 
  • 2 Bottom Round with Eye Roast Attached 
  • Optional Stew Cubes

Processing Cut Option 2

processing cut options half roasts and half steaks

Normal Cut 1/2 Roasts 1/2 Steaks

  • 1 Backstrap Butterfly Steaks, 1 Backstrap Whole
  • 1 Top Round Steaks, 1 Top Round Roast Whole
  • 1 Tip Roast Steaks, 1 Tip Roast Whole
  • 1 Bottom Round Steaks, 1 Bottom Round Whole
  • Optional Stew Cubes

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