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At KCC Natural Farms our mission is simple. We are committed to producing all natural, healthy and great tasting treats for your pet! Our pet treats are independently safety tested and free of additives, grains, gluten and hormones. All of our ingredients are grown and sourced here in the USA and all of our products are processed, packaged and shipped straight from our farm in Maryland to you. This ensures the quality of our treats is never compromised by outside sources.

KCC Natural Farms has been farming since 1982. We are a fully inspected family owned and operated farm located in Forest Hill, Maryland. We provide high quality poultry, eggs and game birds to consumers, restaurants and retailers. We are committed to supplying wholesome all natural products.

In 2010 our customers started inquiring about our products and organ meat for feeding their pets.  They were looking for a high quality treat that they could trust to be wholesome, all natural and delicious.  Given the fact that our customer’s families have been eating our products for years, it seemed only natural to supply nutritional KCC treats to their pets. 

We are happy to report that the reviews are in.  Our customers have described our pet treats as “pAwesomely delicious”.

Freeze Dried Process

KCC freeze dried products are superior in both flavor and nutrients.  Freeze drying is a unique process that keeps all of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that were original to the product prior to freeze drying.  Because freeze drying does not cook the product, it simply extracts moisture; it is still considered a raw diet product without the mess and storage issues. 

Freeze dried products have a long shelf life and never requires refrigeration.

The entire KCC freeze drying and packaging process is done in house at our state of the art processing facility located right on the farm.  Being fully inspected and having the complete processing done here on site allows us to control the product from start to finish. 

KCC freeze dried pet treats seals in the all natural flavor, nutrients, color, and pAwesomely delicious aromas.

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